Raid Boost

The image of the hero in magical plate armor with a three-meter choppa in his hands firmly sat down in our minds. Still, it looks so cool, and it gives a good advantage in battle. Therefore, the desire to quickly farm yourself epic equipment is quite natural.

And where can I get it?

Epic equipment can be obtained from raid bosses. Gather a raid-group of 10-25 people and go ahead! The process is time-consuming and difficult, even if you beat all the crap out of the raid boss, you won’t get all the equipment you need. You have to make 4 to 6 runs before you get all the items you need, this is the so-called “full gear”. In addition to armor and weapons, some bosses drop mounts, combat pets, jewelry, and others. Also, you are given achievements and heroic statuses. Also, the bonus you get a buzz from killing an epic monster. By the way, you can buy full gear from the best boost team.

Read more about raids

A raid is 10-25 players who gather to beat the shit out from the raid boss and get epic items dropped by him. The higher the difficulty – the higher the item drop boss, his HP, and other parameters. Want to get more – play on the highest difficulty. There are three of them:

  • normal (for half-assed)
  • heroic (for lovers of the challenge)
  • mythical (for real pro players)

For example, killing raid boss on normal difficulty, you will receive equipment with item level 415+, if you complete the raid on the difficulty of “heroic”, you will receive the heroic achievement, status and also get equipment with 430+ level. If you pass the raid on the mythical difficulty, you will receive the best status and equipment with item level 445+.

But the best thing is just order gear from them!

No need to sit for days in raids with the hope that you will finally get some epic armor piece or axe, guys from will do it for you! Do not turn into a nerd, ease your life. They provide:

  • full gear runs
  • bis gear runs

The first means that you generally get all the things that can be dropped by the raid-boss. It will take from 4 to 6 runs. And bis gear means that you clearly define what items you need, make a list and get these things. However, it may take longer – from 4 to 10 attempts.

What type of service is best?

The best option is to buy eternal full gear boost. It will be cheaper and faster since it will require only 4-6 attempts. If you buy one run at a time, you will spend more time and money, however, if you are interested in certain items, this guy will fulfill your order, this is not a problem.

Buying boost from them, you get:

  • accurately selected boosters that are professionals
  • they do not use prohibited equipment or programs
  • the ability to use your account
  • video recording of the raid
  • 20-25 people in a group
  • the highest quality of their services, we have 100 reviews on

Contact them and will gear up your character in TOP items very quickly. You will not become a nerd, you will save a lot of time and get what you want and then crush your enemies on the battlefield.
If you have a problem within classic powerleveling wow, check this kind of boost, maybe it will help you!

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