Best 5 Club Team in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 has come out with more than 700 teams (including clubs, international teams) to play with. But not all are worth playing. So, I’m going to inform you about the best five clubs in FIFA 19 games that you must try.

All the five clubs have a good defense and attacking ability that allows you to have a good experience of the game. Do not take this top 5 into consideration with real football; it just about performance within the game.

1.    Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most exciting club team on earth. It is going to have a good year in the game as well as real football.

Most people have them either winning a league or coming second down. The defence is young, they have potential, and they performed last year, but because the game is much based on potential the team is one of the highest competition in the FIFA 19 game.

They got Berto Firmir as a center-back Liverpool has a well-balanced midfielder. When you are looking at midfielder, the player like Milner, Keita, and some other player makes the midfield strong.

2.    FC Bayern

FC Bayern is one of the best club team in Germany. Their attack is pretty strong not only in real football but also in the game. They have got Hummels, Boateng in the attack.

The team is still to open their champions’ league trophy cabin, but you can help them to do so in the FIFA 19 game. Not only the attack but the defense of the team is also good.

The opponent has to beat Robben, Ganbry, and Rodriguez to score the goal which seems a difficult job and these players can execute their skills pretty well.

FC Bayern players are incredibly explosive, but I don’t feel that FC Bayern has enough in terms of some of the backups. That the reason that this team warrants a top five clubs in this game based on the player and their skills.

3.    Real Madrid

Real Madrid lost Christiano Ronaldo who is a huge loss, but still, some of their players have the potential to make this team one of the best team in the FIFA 19 game.

This team has a stronger defense that doesn’t allow the opponent to score the goal easily. They have got some of the best-skilled players like Luka Modric, Sergio Ramos, and Thibaut Courtois that can change the direction of the game within minutes.

Not just their defense, their attack is also strong, and they have to ability to score at any crucial situation.  The left of Cristiano Ronaldo has little bit affected the team strength, but still, they have the ability to stand out in the best football club of the game.

 The most exciting part of Real Madrid is their midfield players. They have got the players that are brilliant in real life and the same could be said about the game.

4.    Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

PSG team has the combination of players like Neymar, Edinson Cavani, and Thiago Silva that make them stand out in the top 5 best clubs of the FIFA 19 game.

They have got the explosiveness; the skill moves and the ability to turn nothing into something. It is something special going forward with this squad.

 They have got the best player like Neymar that you would want to run into the game with. PSG has a good defense, attack and midfield players that give a tough time to the opponent team.

 In the attack, they have got the players like Angel Di Maria and Julian Draxler. Their defense includes some of the best players of the game like Thiago Silva and Marquinhos.

5.    Manchester City

Manchester City has got some of the best player to play with during the game. They have a pretty good defense, attack as well as the midfield player.

In the defense, they have got Mendy, Otamandi, and Walker that does restrict the opposition to score the goal. Manchester City has good midfield players that are difficult to beat.

On the other hand, their attack is also explosive that includes players like Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling that give a tough time to the opponent not in real life but also in the game.


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